here are some other places on the web that I keep my stuff. many of them talk to each other.

my livejournal is a password protected old-school web journal that is completely self-contained. I update it sporadically, most often when I am overreacting to something. a livejournal account is required to read it, but even with a free account you won’t see any ads on my journal. I really hate advertising on personal websites.

I think of tumblr as basically a giant self-referential collage; tumbljabby is a record of amusing, enthralling, frustrating, and banal internet mixed media. it is where I collect and  sometimes comment on content generated by other people.

on twitter, I mostly make lists of food trucks and new york city municipal authorities to follow. my tweets are unprotected so anyone is welcome to follow them, but they are nowhere near as useful as information about dumpling locations or subway delays.

if I know you, I will probably accept your friend request. I am pretty quiet, but I like hearing from almost everyone. I don’t mind being tagged in things. I am skeptical of facebook’s motives in general, but to be honest I think timeline is an improvement.

I’m not exactly a foursquare power user, and I think the only way I’ll ever become the mayor of something is if I start checking into my own apartment. but sometimes I like to keep a little commentated record of the fun things I do. some of my foursquare checkins automatically update my twitter, but usually if that happens it’s by accident.

flickr is the one and only place on the internet that I post, catalog, tag, and caption my photos on a regular basis. these days, the vast majority of those photos come from my iphone. I think I might like flickr comments even more than I like website comments, honestly.

I don’t make a lot of videos or vlogs, but when I do, I put them on vimeo. the number of mostly-finished projects I have in my imovie library is pretty shameful, actually. maybe I just need a little encouragement.



pinterest is totally horrifying, I know. I use it to bookmark things I might buy, things I will never buy, and recipes.