I started keeping an online journal in 1997, when I was in tenth grade and my website was hosted by aol. wockerjabby–which was named in a spur-of-the-moment decision I have not once regretted–has existed since I was a freshman in college, though the archives are no longer as public as they once were. in fact, the little search engine blurb that pops up for this website still thinks I’m not just in college, but a “would-be astrophysicist.” I’m sure there’s an alternate universe where I became one.

I graduated from college in 2003 and instead became a high school science teacher. I do other stuff too — assessment and data stuff mostly, since they are my primary academic interests — but I plan on staying in the classroom for the rest of my career. I love my job. I don’t really write about it on the internet, though.

as I get older, I have a harder time writing about anything on the internet, but I haven’t completely figured out why. my hibernation means that the only people who read this anymore are my friends and family, so it’s not like I need to hide things from them. I think I’m just less of a sharer now than I used to be. still, I find myself drawn to record-keeping, to the narrative of life, and something about a fully private journal is not compelling to me. I’ve had those, and I always ended up abandoning or destroying them.

so I’m here now, and if you are here then I assume you know me and the people in my life already. rest assured then that when I use pseudonyms or elisions, it’s not to hide the details from you, the reader. it’s just that I don’t think it’s fair for me to make other people as google-able as I am. so here are the names you will see used for the important members of my family:

spider is my husband. we got married in 2012, on a lush and muggy july morning, on top of a hill in prospect park.
volcano is our daughter, who was born on october 14, 2013. she lives up to every aspect of her nickname on a daily basis.
azure is our dog. that’s her real name, because she doesn’t know what the internet is anyway.

I love them all the most.