five things that happened in august

1. I turned thirty years old.
2. I worked on my dissertation, but I still didn’t finish it.
3. four more students passed the standardized science test they need to graduate.
4. I went to new zealand.
5. my baby brother turned twenty years old.

vacation is over. summer isn’t, but it will be soon. do you want to see some pictures from the other side of the world?

Posted September 2nd, 2011 in reflexive.


  1. Lynne:

    Of course! \o/

  2. Andrea:

    Always! New Zealand has been on the very top of places to visit. The thought of having to visit there in winter (our summer) has stopped me so far because I thought it was too cold, at least on the South Island. What did you think?

  3. haya:

    that sounds like a pretty excellent month to me! would love to see some of you pictures.


  4. rabi:

    andrea – it was cold, but not TOO cold. the south island was right around 0 degrees C most mornings but then it would warm up to being in the 10s. there were some things that we couldn’t do because it was winter but definitely beautiful and thrilling nonetheless.

  5. Leah Bean:

    That’s awesome! I was in NZ once, around 8 years ago. It was wonderful. Definitely show us your favorite pics. And, happy 30th Birthday.

  6. chris:

    Happy Birthday Rabi!!

  7. Tony:

    You came to NZ a month before the World Cup? Damn! Hope you had fun in the sun and snow 8)