six months with azure

as of this week, it’s been six months since azure came to live with me. she really is just the loveliest little thing.


azure has a dog walker who takes her out during the day while I’m at work. usually she goes on a pack walk with a group of neighborhood pups, and she’s become good buddies with a chubby long-haired dachshund who lives around the corner. there’s always a note left in her book when I come home, like this:

my lil sweet pea dragon gal greeted me with squeaks, squeals, and licks, felt like a long lost friend returning home! she’s so dramatic, yet subtle at the same time… we rolled with miles & hurley today, was sweet, I’d kneel down at crosswalks waiting for the light & hurley would pop up on one knee, azure on the other, & I’d take the kisses! she’s so freakin cute! she seems to be becoming more gregarious… bounding about, she’s really coming into her “dogness!” go azure!

she truly is exactly the right dog. happy half-a-year, missy azziepants.

Posted November 13th, 2010 in the little luckdragon.


  1. Dylan:

    what a little wierdo, im sad shes keeping you in ny for thanksgiving

  2. rabi:

    yeah she doesn’t want to get a full body scan at the airport. she’s too modest.