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the honeymoon sketchbook diaries

we went on a little honeymoon over the holiday break. I forgot to bring my travel journal with me, so I drew a few pictures with the ballpoint pen and notepad that was in our room.

flying to jamaica at sunrise

we flew out of new york city at three in the morning, which meant that we got to montego bay just as the sun was coming up. maybe it was the suddenness with which it appeared, all at once as we descended through those towering mountains of clouds, but I was completely shocked by how beautiful the hilly terrain was.


the hammock may not have been quite as enormous, or our legs quite as small, as I made them look. but we did feel kind of like little kids getting away with something as we rocked in that hammock, with no work by our sides or money in our pockets.

I am neither a christian nor a believer, but I love “o holy night.” when I took ballet classes as a little girl, we danced to it every year. it makes me think about our mincing, fluttery little chasses and pas de bourrees, and how we all obediently flopped to the ground when the lyrics told us to. in jamaica, we listened to it as we watched this bonfire send its dancing embers into the sky.

in jamaica, every four year old with a threadbare ball is a better soccer player than I am. we watched some big kids play a good-natured game keepaway from this little guy for a while, which only made him happier to have the ball to himself when they got tired.

(if only a few days away from responsibilities made it seem so rewarding to get them back!)