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2010, gone by in a flash

it’s amazing how time just keeps going. or maybe it isn’t; the Earth’s angular momentum all but guarantees it. what’s amazing I suppose is how the lives of our tiny human selves ever feel important enough that time should stop for us. it never does, after all.

2010 comprised, for me, more transition than revelation, more solitude than attachment. the last year of my 20s and the first point in my life, I think, where I’ve felt the exact age that I am. I look at my students and am grateful for the years that have grown my prefrontal cortex. I look at the sky and am comforted by the inevitability of our orbit, our tilt, and our inertia.

happy new year.


after school today I found myself in the east fifties, so I decided to take a detour to see the tree. the sky was beautiful, sapphire, starless. the crowd, a sea of wool and teeth and quiet laughter, was equal parts hustle and happiness; equal parts tourist and native. my white winter hat on a tour of future photo albums.

sometimes–or really always–I just love this city so hard.