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how to run faster

lean forward. hope your feet will catch up.


If you’re reading this, you probably already know who I am. and, in fact, this website is really here for you. (in the sense that I wouldn’t have brought it back if people hadn’t mentioned missing it. I missed it too, albeit in the abstract.)

so this is the third incarnation of my personal website, in terms of major discontinuities. I guess that makes this the cenozoic era of wockerjabby. no archives from the past 13 years are public now, although they still exist and I plan on keeping them intact. they are the fossil record of my third decade on earth.

you can leave me a comment, if you like, by clicking on the title of the post. I haven’t decided whether to make comment links public or what; in this environment of feed readers and problogging there is something about them that makes me feel a little uncomfortable and sad, but at the same time, stealth comments kind of lose their functionality.

I’ve been having a pretty good summer so far. there are two big things that I’m hoping to finish before school starts in september: chapter four of my dissertation and a t-rex robot. it’s still early enough in the month of august that I’m ¬†feeling optimistic.