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winter in the time of climate change

january, come and gone, with no sign of the lithosphere save for the contours it lends the layers of stratified snow and ice. it feels like it snows almost every day, or somethings at least. the atmosphere sputtering with its mouth full of ice. sleet that leaves tiny malformed crystals in my eyelashes; rain that freezes into a glittering, brittle shell atop the snowdrifts that pile higher than my head.

I am not the slightest bit sick of it. I like it when winter looks like winter, not some drab and skeletal remnant of autumn. the park has taken on entirely new dimensions: in the meadows, the foot traffic has compacted the snow into a whole new landscape, and you feel like a giant trekking across it, with your head impossibly close to the treetops; in the less traveled groves and vales, you sink up to your hips in an ocean of blue-white powder, like some sub-arctic seabird embarking on its pelagic wanderings. this is a transformative winter.

I feel like winter myself, in a sparkling, reimagined way. the cold is bracing, but not bitter. the icicles, pure and gleaming, match the silver that has begun to take root in my hair, baby-fine though it still is. every day looks like it was painted by magic, and for now the meteorological metrics that make the magic utterly explicable also make it all the more special.

ps it took some work, but my dog finally likes the snow too! here is a video:

six months with azure

as of this week, it’s been six months since azure came to live with me. she really is just the loveliest little thing.


azure has a dog walker who takes her out during the day while I’m at work. usually she goes on a pack walk with a group of neighborhood pups, and she’s become good buddies with a chubby long-haired dachshund who lives around the corner. there’s always a note left in her book when I come home, like this:

my lil sweet pea dragon gal greeted me with squeaks, squeals, and licks, felt like a long lost friend returning home! she’s so dramatic, yet subtle at the same time… we rolled with miles & hurley today, was sweet, I’d kneel down at crosswalks waiting for the light & hurley would pop up on one knee, azure on the other, & I’d take the kisses! she’s so freakin cute! she seems to be becoming more gregarious… bounding about, she’s really coming into her “dogness!” go azure!

she truly is exactly the right dog. happy half-a-year, missy azziepants.


another thing that I think everyone knows despite my never having said so here is that I have a new little dog, azure. I adopted her in early may after thinking about it for a long time, and she’s slipped into my life in a surprisingly easy way.

there are a few things people tend to say when they meet her for the first time:

“she looks like that dragon from the neverending story!”

“look at that snaggletooth!”

“who needs a baby when you have one of these?”

it’s true that she is a bit of an infant in dog’s clothing. she likes to be carried, and she’s not shy about asking to be picked up. in a crowd or after meeting an especially big dog, she will come running and stand up to rest her paws on my knees imploringly. once in arms, she melts into a floppy little thing, resting her head on a shoulder or breastbone, making contented, barely audible grunting noises. she likes to suckle on soft things: her stuffed bone, her towel, my shirtsleeves, her toes.

I really didn’t get a dog so that I could pretend to have a baby, but having a dog who likes to be babied is pretty sweet.